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Our Aim at War Heroes.



With more than 1 million men and women estimated to leave the military in the next few years, it is obvious we need to do all we can to ensure their transition is as smooth as possible. Finding a job can be quite challenging for many who leave the service, and for many, just knowing who is hiring and how to connect with them can be more than confusing.

War Heroes is a Non-Profit Organization formed to help US Veterans transition from military career to a civilian career. Our aim is to provide advanced training in IT and Non-IT skills to US Veterans, Service members, Veteran families including Math, Science, SAT, GMAT.

Training and Placement services at War Heroes is a program launched in June 2014 as a nationwide initiative to help veterans, transitioning service members, military spouses and their family members find meaningful employment opportunities.

Our goal is to ensure veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses are able to utilize our training and placement resources to get advanced training and connect with employers no matter where they are in the world.

We believe in our hard work and dedication to help our Heroes and their families. They have done more than what we asked for. So, now its time for us to give back by helping our Heroes transition to a well paid & well respected civilian Job.

At War Heroes, our main aim is to see all the Veteran families happy throughout their life time. That is the reason why we built a strategy to transition all the Veterans, Service members, Veteran families into a well paid civilian jobs.

“We are successful when veteran families are happy”